Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What kind of metal are you using on the production models? Will there be a problem with rust developing?

A:The QuietStove is constructed with stainless steel.

Q:Can I leave the QuietStove Burner in place on my stove when I pack it up, or will it need to be removed and replaced after every use?
A:The QuietStove Burner can be left in place. The QuietStove Burner will need to be removed on stoves that require manual pricking to clean the jet (mainly when using Kerosene).

Q:Why does my QuietStove Burner fit loosely in my stove?

A:The QuietStove Burner is designed to fit loosely so that it can be removed to service the stove.  If we made the QuietStove Burner fit tightly it may be very difficult to remove after being fired.

Q:If soot builds up in the QuietStove Burner is there a recommended cleaning procedure?

A:The holes can be pricked with anything that will fit into the hole.

Q:What type of fuels are compatible with the QuietStove Burners?

A:The QuietStove Burner is compatible with canister gas, kerosene, and white gas.

Q:What is your return policy?

A:All of our products have a 90 day return policy.  Please contact us for an RMA number. Upon receipt of the returned item we will refund the complete purchase price.

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