Build quality is excellent. Hole alignment and arrangement are spot on. Fuel control is excellent from everything below a simmer to full blast. The cap is very aesthetically pleasing. The volume reduction is quite amazing. 

Miles Spathelf, Anchorage, Alaska  USA.

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Beautifully engineered and has a look and weight that assures quality.  Excellent craftsmanship.   Wow, that thing is quiet!  From the lowest simmer to full blast it was a pleasure. Especially for me who lives in Norway and camp during the winter in a tent, this is nothing short of a godsend. What amazed me was that I had to put my ear as close as 15in/40cm to be able to even hear it at the lowest possible simmer!! There are few products that give me a wow-factor and a smile, this is one of them.

Goran Lindberg, Glomfjord, Norway


Just got my Model 207 today, really fast delivery, works like a dream, just like having a new burner. What I discovered was that's it's easier to adjust the power on low level.... Thanks for developing this product.

Svein Holmboe, Tønsberg Norway

If you're like me, you love the great outdoors. I value the peace and tranquility when I can get away. High quality gear is one of the things that makes the time I spend in the outdoors that much more fun and comfortable. The thing I really hate is the roar of my liquid fuel stove on an otherwise serene morning in the mountains.  I had the chance to use this burner cap on my stove for the first time last week. The cap itself was beautifully constructed. At 63grams, it was a negligible difference in my already overweight stove.  I found two significant differences when I put on the cap:  What shocked me first was how incredibly quiet it made my stove!  I could actually have a conversation with my friends, without yelling over the roar of the stove.  The second and maybe more important difference, was in the improved performance of my stove.  It increased the ability of the stove to simmer by a quantum leap. It was so MUCH better than my stove without the cap.  If you love cooking in the peace and quiet of the outdoors, you owe it to yourself to get this burner cap.

Rod W.  Arlington, Washington USA